Living with Great Taste~

11 Nov

A decorator must understand that taste is not a standard but the power to discern, to concentrate. Taste is an appreciation of order and a sure knowledge of what constitutes fitness. These concepts can be learned through education, travel, experience, and living. In learning these principles, the person will come to understand that a room – any room – is simply an enclosure of space and time for a specific purpose. The challenge is to know what is suitable in this defined space.

~Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer.

This may sound weird that how life changes and revolves around people and things, which has a direct impact on us. I have been doing some fun stuff at home, décor, scrapbooking, photography, but I have always been passionate about Interiors and that how even a little change indoors or outdoors can really be so beautiful and inspiring for ourselves and for others.

I believe that these small changes can really boost up energy and moods in our everyday life. May it be a small change in setting of a room, or bringing in color, or even displaying some beautiful collections.

Home interior decoration provides a certain “feel” to the home; it includes applying wallpaper, painting the walls, choosing of furniture and fittings such as light fixtures, and adding decorations such as paintings.

The most important aspect is how to bring these changes! Where to make the arrangements? How to bring in the color so that everything collaborates? What sort of theme do I like? What sort of design should I go for? Whether its modern, contemporary or traditional?

I have answers for all these problems, may the project is from scratch or may it be an up gradation of anything, something new from an existing item.!

I hope I can bring change and happiness in everyone’s lives. :))


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2 responses to “Living with Great Taste~

  1. Amber Saeed

    December 1, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Are you heaven sent?

    Just moved into a new house. Need dire help to make my hall-ish (read HUGE) lounge and dining space cosy? It’s too big to be filled with my furniture and has a horrid looking pillar in the middle of it. It’s a basement floor. Any ideas? Add me no Facebook. I’ve got an album uploaded. HELP ME!.


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