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The Bridal Affa!r

And then there was my cousins wedding..! The most awaited event of the year as I just couldn’t stop thinking about my new lens and to take beautiful shots with it.

So finally my  Canon 50mm f1.4 arrived from Australia! Super excited, just love the sharpness of the lens and the BOKEH that it generates , is simply WOWww..!

My cousin pushed me that I would be the one taking her photos for her Big Day, I felt really nervous, questions coming to my mind, would I be able to do it.? Ohhh. What am I gonna do??

So I talked to my friend Rammal Mehmud, who is an Islamabad based, professional wedding photographer. She helped me out and I was super excited and relieved.

Then the big day came and I wanted to shoot her outdoors as the natural light is amazing and that I do not have an external flash and all that proper equipment, which could have made the indoor shoot possible. Anyhow me and my cousin we went to her dads office,  where we took nice shots.

Here are some shots that I would like to share.

I was amazed with the results and now I just cant stop looking at them.

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Setting Up a D!nn!ng Table~

New Year is aproaching …Winter is here.. ! Ohh God Hot Chocolate to Cinnamon tea and delicious mouth watering espresso’s are there to enjoy!

I am sure a lot of you would be hosting dinners/ lunchs and BBQ’s for your loved ones and the most ticklish thought that comes to your mind is the Dinning Table and how to make it look attractive.

 A number of things can be used to make your table look stunning.


  • Bring outdoors Inside: Flowers or fruits can be brought in and it gives a natural look.
  • May it be a large floral arrangement or just few flowers laid all over the table in assorted jars with some beautiful candles.

— Make sure that you do not place a very large and tall arrangement  if you are going to seat the guests  around the table. As it will block each others view and would act as an obstacle for reaching out for things.

— Thus small assorted jars work best, they could be small vases or you can create your own by using recycled jam bottles and doing some cool stuff with it. You can decorate them with Ribbons or Paint them, you can even stick some embellishments like diamondies, beads etc.

  • Its winter season thus nuts  such as Almonds, Walnuts and other nuts of your choice can be used along with candles. These can create a beautiful effect.
  • Make sure that you do not over do the table. It should have enough space around so that dishes can be placed.
  • You can also create a corner for appetizers, salads, dips etc on the side, could be a dresser in your dinning room or the cupboard if it has a top or the Tea Trolley can also be utilized for this purpose. You can decorate the corner with colorful things.
  • If it’s a buffet table then you can create four corners for each item, such as one corner for appetizers, the other for drinks, in the middle you can set the main course or create a Focal Point,  could be a floral arrangement, or fruits arrangement ( great for luncheons) or the candles, with  beautiful table runners creating a beautiful flow.
  • Bright Colored table cloths for creating a WOW effect.
  • Individual servings work best when you are hosting few guests, Place Cards are also a great way to make the guests feel welcomed. You can make cards with different things, its totally your own choice.








Photo Courtesy By: Better Homes and Gardens, Apartment Therapy.
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