Bye Bye Clutter!

23 May

Storage labels for different purposes


Does anyone has a problem of Clutter everywhere and not been able to tidy up!!!

Well here are few solutions to get you out of this misery, which are easy, simple and totally amazing. They not only look good but are very handy too. Here are few things which one can do:

Have you have ever thought of using old boxes/shoe boxes or nice beautiful chocolate boxes and recycling them, in order to place nice and fancy things in them, putting everything in place.


Stack of attractive boxes!


 These boxes shown above are decorated by me, these are ordinary shoe boxes which were wrapped in nice attractive paper and cloth. I have also sticked some embellishments, ribbons and some scrapbook material to make them look nice and funky. These boxes are now used to keep photo albums, diaries and CDs. These have proved to be very handy.

Nice Baskets are available everywhere in local markets. You can easily get them in different sizes and shapes, which can be used for anything. Books, magazines, CDs, clothes, shoes, Jewellery, utensils and what not!!

Neat and organized closets; I think  are a dream of anyone, but the problem is how to! Well the easy way is to take sometime out on a weekend and make a list of items in the closet which you want to keep and which items you want to throw out or do charity.   *Best idea is to do charity*. Then you can buy some baskets or get some boxes and arrange items. Neatly do your shoes and hang your clothes nicely. If you do this frequently you will never get into trouble, when it comes to finding something. For girls, you can a hang your bags on the in the closet, so they are in easy reach and also it wont take long to match your bags with clothes.!

How cool is that, having everything organized and its looks colorful and funky too.:)

  These closets are perfectly organized.

You can see how the items are place nicely in different boxes for easy reach and looks amazing

Storage Labels for different purposes


Storage Labels:

These labels are used for daily activities, they can be used in kitchen, Bathrooms for storing toiletries, in your study for distinguishing between pens/ markers, even your cosmetics.

Arranging items and minimizing clutter not only makes your life easier but also comfortable, stress free as all your belongings are safe and in reach, so when you are finding something you know where to look for it.

Simple ideas can be used to declutter your lovely and homely space.

Best Samar*

Photo Courtesy* Better Homes and Gardens.

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